Metin2 MultiHack Patch v3.2 download hackshield download

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After many trials and much time to fix many bugs that I have submitted (some still present), release version 3.2 of my mod.
What is the ‘{} UG Hack Patch?
L ‘{UG} Hack Patch is a mod full of tricks designed to give your best game. In this version (3.2) are:
+ + Welcome to the entry of the character
+ Multihack within the client (press F5 or type in chat / hack) +

+ + Lockmob
+ + Autopot
+ + Movement Speed
+ Attack Speed +
+ + Autoattack
+ Combo [1] & [2] +
+ Upgrade [Normal] & [Demon Tower]
Auto + pickup +
+ Stealth (Client Side) +
+ Night & Day (Client Side) +
Snow + (Client Side) +
+ + Crash

- It may happen that after activating a function of the characters do not walk multihack and remains stationary, in this case you must press the right button at any point to walk to get it back.
– The speed of movement in Multihack is not fixed, that is, go back every few seconds. To avoid this you could run three to four seconds and pause for a second and then half again.
– Sometimes the multihack not open it by pressing F5, you can invoke it by typing “/ hack ” or “/ multihack”in chat without the quotes.User manual
– Update Metin2
– Drain ‘{UG} Hack Patch
– WinRAR Untar the files and read the “README!. txt”
Important Notice
It ‘s very likely that on Tuesday, after upgrading the character does not remain in play for more than 15 seconds. To remedy must be updated and re-enter the new Metin2 Hack Patch. By doing so you may login to submit a bug, in this case you write your data with the keyboard of the game.
Future versions
– Save Login
– Fix moving speed (by S1.VAT)

DOWNLOAD HOTFİLE:Metin2 Multihack 3.2 indir – 2011 Yeni versiyon İndirmek icin buraya Tıkla


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